Energy-efficient LED Downlights

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Recent studies estimate more than 800 million recessed downlights are in operation in the United States, split nearly equally between residential and commercial applications, with about 83% still using incandescent lamps. Inexpensive compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) downlights are commercially available, but most of these units are not dimmable, which is a desired attribute for many downlight applications. Therefore, energysaving CFLs often are overlooked in lieu of the functionality of incandescents.

Features & Benefits:
  • The HALO LED recessed downlight is the first ENERGY STAR-rated LED downlight and exceeds the high efficacy requirements set by California’s Title 24 energy regulations
  • High color rendering and warm white color temperature: 80CRI at 3045K
  • Delivers light equivalent to many standard incandescent sources used in recessed downlight applications
  • Dimmable to 15% of total light output with standard AC incandescent dimmers, 5% with low-end trim adjustment

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