IES RP-5-13: Recommended Practice for Daylighting Buildings

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Winner of the top award for Research, Publications, Software, and Measuring Devices at Lightfair International 2014, the IES's RP-5-13: Recommended Practice for Daylighting Buildings includes the most up-to-date technological solutions and data for addressing the challenges of daylighting while maximizing its benefits.

Daylighting in commercial buildings can reduce electricity use for lighting by 40-50% or more, but daylighting can also present a host of complex challenges. The IES RP-5-13 presents information and expertise on daylight design techniques, delivery methods, glazing systems, shading techniques, control strategies, and daylight performance simulation tools.

CLTC Co-director and IES Daylighting Committee Chair Konstantinos Papamichael oversaw the publication's drafting and development, with special thanks  to the Public Interest Energy Research (PIER) program and the California Energy Commission for their support of earlier works that informed and accelerated development of the RP-5-13.

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