Integrated Outdoor Lighting Solutions

CLTC evaluates performance and interoperability of an integrated outdoor lighting solution
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The CLTC is providing an environment to test and evaluate an outdoor lighting solution comprised of components from multiple manufacturers. This test program is evaluating technology components from leading lighting manufacturers to evaluate performance and interoperability of smart lighting components from multiple manufacturers.  The solution for this test is comprised of outdoor light fixtures from Leotek, Xitanium SR LED Drivers from Philips Advance, network lighting controls from Silver Spring Networks and a CIMCON lighting controller.

Specifically, this demonstration features three key components:

  • The Leotek ARIETA™13 Architectural LED Area Luminaire AR13, characterized by a nominal correlated color temperature (CCT) of 4,000 K (Neutral White) and an ANSI 7-wire photo control receptacle. The AR13, with low glare (G2-rated) optics, is appropriate for 15-foot high poles, such as those used in the CLTC parking lot which includes pedestrian walkways. Features such as dimmability, motion sensing and factory programmed partnight dimming are part of the energy saving capabilities.
  • Philips Advance Xitanium SR Drivers for Outdoor Applications feature a standard digital interface compatible with multiple network lighting controls, memory to store asset and diagnostics  information (per proposed ANSI C137.4 standard) that may be accessed via the network, energy metering (per proposed ANSI C136.52 standard), easy integration of motion sensors and centrally scheduled controls, and remote updating of firmware to reduce site visits.
  • Silver Spring’s Streetlight.Vision (SLV) Central Management System (CMS). Silver Spring’s open, standards-based platform approach allows cities, utilities, enterprises and others to recoup higher return on investment by deploying multiple applications upon an integrated networking and data platform. The flexible, open architecture can be used with streetlights, electrical substations, pollution sensors, electric vehicle charging stations and more.

The full press release can be downloaded here.

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