Full Spectrum Solutions, Inc

Full Spectrum Solutions, Inc. was founded in Jackson, Michigan in 1995. Since the company’s inception it has developed numerous commercial and residential product lines, including EverLast® induction fixtures for commercial, industrial and roadway applications. EverLast® Smart Light Garage fixtures helped UC Davis win the 2009 Best Practice Award by incorporating step-dimming controls for increased pedestrian safety and unmatched energy savings. The new Berkeley Lamp II was designed by Full Spectrum Solutions in partnership with the CLTC with support from local California utilities, funding from the California Energy Commission’s PIER program and the U.S. Department of Energy. Functioning as 2-lamps-in-1, the Berkeley Lamp II improves on its original design with increased optics, performance and reliability. In addition to EverLast® Induction Lighting products and the Berkeley Lamp II, Full Spectrum Solutions also manufactures BlueMax™ energy-efficient full spectrum light bulbs and task lamps, and UltraLux® commercial T5 fluorescent high bay and office fixtures.

Full Spectrum Solutions, Inc.

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