Humans have evolved for millions of years under the sun’s radiation that’s filtered by the earth’s atmosphere and more commonly known as daylight. At Telelumen we believe that the ability to reproduce a natural dawn-to-dusk light spectrum is essential for the human experience - true human centric lighting. Advances in solid state LED lighting combined with state-of-the-art software, networking and control technologies, have enabled Telelumen to produce light spectra which can be made to closely match the dynamic illumination which occurs in nature. Our goal is to provide solutions for reproducing visible light spectra, and in a general way, further the mathematics and science relating to illumination and the visible spectrum. At Telelumen we innovate to create illumination systems that not only replicate the quality and rhythm of daylight, but also easily and intuitively create almost any synthesized light spectra that the user can design. It is Smart Lighting, human centric lighting, at its best.