Energy Use Reporting through Lighting Control Systems

Energy Use Reporting through Lighting Control Systems
Published: Mon, 11/23/2015

One of the features of networked lighting controls is the ability to monitor lighting energy use over time and adjust the system to achieve the best possible performance. Facility managers can match system use to expectations and adjust system settings to result in optimized user comfort while maximizing savings. Real-time energy monitoring offered by some control systems has also piqued the interest of utility program managers in locations in the U.S. where rebates assist with the accelerated adoption of emerging technologies.

CLTC, in collaboration with Sempra Utilities, developed a test methodology to evaluate the accuracy and reliability of onboard metering and system reporting features of advanced lighting control systems (ALCS). The project team applied the procedure to three commercially available ALCS in order to refine the methods and help the utility determine if such features were currently reliable and accurate enough to substitute for the independent and expensive collection of sub-metered data often required to calculate project savings and associated financial rebates. National ratings systems, such as LEED, may also consider and reward long-term performance on a more verifiable basis.

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