Investing in California Communities through Building Energy Efficiency Workforce Development

Investing in California Communities through Building Energy Efficiency Workforce Development
Published: Thu, 10/15/2015

CLTC, in partnership with the Center for Sustainable Energy (CSE) and the California IBEW-NECA Labor Management Cooperation Committee (CA LMCC)  is working to expand career pathways in the electrical industry. With new funding from the California Energy Commission, CLTC will develop training resources to increase workforce development opportunities in disadvantaged communities. Cultivating a skilled, diverse workforce dedicated to advancing the energy efficiency of California’s existing buildings is critical to growing the statewide clean energy economy, and ensuring that advanced technologies—like lighting controls and automated demand response communication equipment—operate and perform correctly.

The new program will provide apprentices with the skills needed to install and maintain grid-connected automated demand response (ADR) communication equipment. This technology is critical to meeting California’s energy efficiency targets and the goals of AB 32 and AB 758. CLTC will support development of ADR laboratory training materials, exercises, and training boards for Joint Apprenticeship Training Centers in California.

This new contract aligns with CLTC’s commitment to improving energy efficiency education in California by providing expertise in lighting technologies, controls, and lighting code. Though the existing CALCTP training resources, CLTC provides lighting controls education for installers, acceptance test technicians, and building operators.

CLTC also offers training on California’s Building Energy Efficiency and Appliance Standards in partnership with the California Energy Commission and California Investor Owned Utilities.  This training and associated resources are designed to help builders and lighting industry professionals become more familiar with the lighting portion of California’s  Building Energy Efficiency Standards.

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