Bi-level Street and Parking Area Luminaires at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Publication Date: 

PIER-sponsored research, development, and demonstration has focused on the combination of occupancy-based lighting controls and broad-spectrum light sources to create intelligent, bi-level luminaires designed for street and parking area applications. These products achieve 30 – 75% energy savings compared to traditional street and area luminaires, meet stringent energy-efficiency standards, and provide excellent light distribution for reduced night sky pollution. 

Bi-level induction cobra head and bi-level LED streetlights were installed at two locations on the Cal Poly campus. The bi-level induction cobra head luminaires (110W system, high mode) replaced HPS cobra head luminaires (280W system) in the H4 Facility Management parking lot. Bi-level LED luminaires (118W system, high mode) replaced HPS shoebox-style street lights (128W system) along Cerro Vista Circle, a one-way street leading through campus housing units. Both products were installed as one-for-one replacements for existing luminaires using existing poles and pole spacings. These retrofit demonstrations resulted in annual energy savings of 74% in the parking lot application and 32% for the streetlight application.

Features & Benefits:
  • About 30 – 70% energy savings (highly application dependent)
  • Broad-spectrum source increases visual acuity
  • Occupancy sensors maximize energy savings
  • LED and induction systems last two to three times longer than most traditional light sources, decreasing maintenance costs