LD+A Research Matters: Performance Evaluation of a Solar Tracking Lighting System

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CLTC Evaluates "Solar Tracking Lighting Systems" (Researches working on lighting panels for solar))

CLTC recently partnered with the California Energy Commission, Sonoma Clean Power Authority, and Frontier Energy Inc. to evaluate opportunities in emerging daylighting technologies. One such technology is a solar-tracking lighting system, which delivers daylight via optical fibers to core building areas that otherwise do not have access to daylight.

Overall, CLTC’s evaluation showed that the system is highly efficacious, providing approximately 620 lumens per watt of daylight suitable for some general lighting applications. With the ability to deliver light significantly farther into the building’s core as compared to other core daylighting technologies, the system is poised to save additional energy by offsetting more electric lighting loads in existing buildings.

Learn more about the evaluation results in the June 2022 LD+A Research Matters article.

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