Working Papers

Technology Definitions For Multi-Tenant Light Commercial Buildings Market Survey


CLTC is conducting research into developing technological and market-based approaches that will help increase deployment of energy-efficient technologies in existing multi-tenant light commercial (MTLC) buildings in California. MTLC buildings are single-story commercial buildings with between two and 25 tenants,  less than 150,000 square feet in size, and a power load less than 499 kilowatts.

The results from the market survey will help CLTC researchers identify which technologies and strategies to focus on in developing incentive programs to encourage their adoption.

LEDs: The Next-Generation Light Source


This paper reviews the key market and technology drivers associated with the emerging application of light-emitting diode (LED) technology in the lighting of buildings. The paper focused primarily on the evolving marketplace, the technology, and how current market and regulatory pressures will form the key drivers for near-term and long-term market penetration for emerging light sources.

The Long View on Streetlight Retrofits


This working paper authored by CLTC Director Michael Siminovitch urges cities and municipalities preparing for streetlight retrofits to make sure adaptive controls are included in their near or long-term plans. Installing LED technology in place of high-pressure sodium sources can cut energy use roughly in half, but adding adaptive controls further reduces energy use by an additional 30–50%.

Relighting American Homes with LEDs


This working paper, co-written by CLTC Directors Michael Siminovitch and Konstantinos Papamichael, urges manufacturers, regulators and utilities that offer product incentives to consider quality and consumer satisfaction first when it comes to LED products. Their arguments in favor of lighting quality, over efficiency, were also presented in "Trading Up," an article published in the August 2011 issue of LD+A.

Light-RITE California White Paper


California is embarking on some of the boldest building retrofit programs in the country to achieve its pioneering climate goals set by the state’s legislature and voters. In order to ensure that this large-scale investment is wisely executed and achieves maximum energy savings, stakeholders need to quickly develop an integrated statewide educational program that will teach our public building facility managers best practices and implementation strategies.

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